Raspberry Pi 3 Quick Review

Just a quick review on my first experience using the RPi 3.

Ordered on Amazon from Vilros that was offering a complete starter pack for the price of $69.99. Arrived Sunday 4/17/2016 and was completed later that evening. I had to use one of my microsd cards since one wasn’t included with the package, even though it was supposed to be. Here are some specs and a comparison with the raspberry pi 2 & rpi model B

RPi 3

  • Broadcom BCM2837, 4× ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz
  • Broadcom VideoCore IV
  • 1GB LPDDR2 (900 MHz)
  • 10/100 Ethernet, 2.4GHz 802.11n wireless
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • microSD
  • 40-pin header, populated
  • HDMI, 3.5mm analogue audio-video jack, 4× USB 2.0, Ethernet, Camera Serial
  • Interface (CSI), Display Serial Interface (DSI)

RPi 2

  • Broadcom BCM2836 Arm7 Quad Core Processor powered Single Board Computer running at 900MHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 40pin extended GPIO
  • 4 x USB 2 ports
  • 4 pole Stereo output and Composite video port
  • Full size HDMI
  • CSI camera port for connecting the Raspberry Pi camera
  • DSI display port for connecting the Raspberry Pi touch screen display
  • Micro SD port for loading your operating system and storing data
  • Micro USB power source

The built in WiFi adapter will allow you to lose that Ethernet cable and the Bluetooth will allow you to connect any Bluetooth devices, like a PS4 controller. I have had success with the pairing a PS4 controller with the RPi Model B using a usb Bluetooth Dongle, and have also paired xbox 360 controllers, using the zettagaurd wireless controller adapter, to a RPi 2.

I will be following up with more pictures and comments in the next couple of days and try my luck in paring a PS4 controller to the RPi 3.


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