Best Ways to Improve Computer Performance

  1. Install an SSD. If you have a laptop or desktop, chances are that you have a regular Hard Disk Drive that still writes data to platters and has a lot of moving parts inside of it. This can lead to long power up times, delayed program loading times, and that annoying blue spinning ring , wasting valuable and precious moments. A Solid State Drive can reduce all of those times that you are waiting and can operate up to 10x faster than a regular Hard Disk Drive. You can find a $120GB SSD right now on Amazon for $40, offered by PNY Technologies and made in the USA. Email me at if you want this now.
  2. Disable your startup programs if you don’t use them. This can reduce login times drastically when you disable all of the startup programs that you don’t use. I usually only leave the antivirus program enabled. If you have a touchscreen laptop or desktop, things can get nasty, so I recommend talking to an IT Pro before making any changes.
  3. Run CCleaner. Removes any temp files and registry errors and will increase overall performance. And it’s free.
  4. Defrag + Disk Cleanup + Error Checking. This will solve a lot of issues that you run into if you have a Hard Disk Drive. Wipes out temp and unused files and gets your pc ready to be upgraded to an SSD. I recommend doing this monthly.
  5. Install more RAM. Laptops and desktops usually come standard with 4GB of memory. If you are a multitask-er and have 10 pages of internet exploder, excel, word and outlook open simultaneously, then you’re going to need more RAM. Look up the make and model of your computer, find the type of RAM that is installed and search it on Amazon. Or you can email me and I’ll find it for you. More RAM + SSD = goodtimes.

If you know any other practices to increase overall performance on a computer, comment below and share the knowledge.


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